By Nancy Youssef

I was delighted when the team at Smart Company asked me to share my best money-saving tips that everyday people can employ, in order to reach their financial goals.

Their brief was straight to the point: we want to show people how they can keep your financial goals on track!

It got me thinking about my clients, many of whom are still trying to figure out where they stand from a financial point of view, after so much volatility in the mortgage and property markets. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of your savings goals, thinking your home deposit is unachievable? Perhaps you are drowning in debt and unable to get ahead? Or you could be managing just fine, but you’d prefer to be a little more comfortable, or to be able to save for something special such as a wedding or holiday.

While these big goals and dreams may seem like huge mountains to climb, if you spend a little time tackling the small stuff, you just might find they’re not as impossible as they first appear.

For this article, I compiled a list of my favourite tips to help others keep financial goals on track. Each one is simple and relatively easy to implement, but put them all together and you’ll have a brand-new outlook towards managing your money, and a bank balance to match.

Have a financial tracker 

The first step is to come to terms with the fact you need a budget. If that sounds like a dirty word to you, try calling it something else, such as a spending plan or expenses tracker. These novelty names can help encourage partners and children to jump on board too!

If you don’t know what you’re spending, how can you take charge of it?

There’s my first tip – you can read the rest here.

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