3 property investing mistakes to avoid as a parent

While parents want to help their children, that doesn’t always mean a handout. Some are happy to gift their children an investment when they come of age while others seem more inclined to pass on enough equity to provide them with the deposit needed on a home, and have the children make the repayments.

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Lost in translation

Everyone needs to be on the same page, to understand exactly where we’re going – and when we’re a united team, the sky’s the limit!

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Kick fear to the curb and don’t let negativity in

It’s hard to be positive when catching up on the news at the moment. In fact, you could watch the news from sunrise to the late night bulletin, and see nothing but doom and gloom.

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Why does my mortgage broker need so many documents from me?

When I meet with a new client and get a new loan application underway, I’m often asked the same question: Why does applying for a loan require so much paperwork?

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