Using a mortgage broker vs going direct to bank

As a small business owner whose client base includes a number of small business owners, I know what it’s like to have growing pains in your business.

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How to make technology work for you

Did you know that when you open your social media feeds and glance at the tiny red alerts counting your comments and likes, a hit of dopamine is released? Dopamine is the feel-good transmitter – when it’s released, it gives you a small but powerful boost. It’s what makes social media like poker machines, because it’s addictive.

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Why does my mortgage broker need so many documents from me?

When I meet with a new client and get a new loan application underway, I’m often asked the same question: Why does applying for a loan require so much paperwork?

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How to save thousands each year on your bills

Every week, my team and I sit down and discuss our “best” moments of the week, sharing both our personal bests and our professional bests.

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