By Benjamin Hakim

Becoming a finance broker wasn’t always on the cards for me. In fact, I studied law and for the last decade worked as a legal practitioner and migration agent, starting my own practice back in 2013.

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to train and work as a legal practitioner prior to entering the broking industry, as my experience has given me a competitive edge when it comes to providing outstanding service to my clients. My background has allowed me to:

  1. Communicate at all levels

One of the key skills I honed in my law school days was the art of communication – in particular, how to interview and cross-examine parties in a case. Of course, I don’t interrogate my finance broking clients! However, this experience enables me to really get to the bottom of what clients need, and what will best suit their circumstances, even if they don’t yet realise it themselves. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right question, or word it a slightly different way, for a new truth to emerge that makes all the difference.

  1. Be confident working with contracts

My legal experience has also afforded me competence and confidence when it comes to understanding contracts, and breaking them down into layman’s terms for my clients. Anyone who has studied law knows that legal jargon can be extremely difficult to unpack, and can often make things seem more scary or complicated than they actually need to be. I can help my clients understand what these lengthy, complicated and dull documents really mean, so they are able to make the right decisions and fulfil their obligations.

  1. Certify documents

This one is a little more practical, but it’s also very handy: being a qualified and licensed legal practitioner means I can certify documents and offer informed legal guidance in addition to my broking services. Rather than my clients running all over town to several professionals, they can come to me for holistic approach to their professional needs. I challenge anyone to find me a busy homebuyer or investor who isn’t grateful to save a little time and hassle when sorting out their finance and contracts!

In fact, as far as complementary careers go, I think I’ve really nailed it with my lawyer-broker combination. These two industries have so much in common, and such a broad range of crossover skills, making my transition almost seamless and my service second-to-none.

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